ASBP: 2023 Reuse Summit

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Hear from those who are doing reuse now, & take a deep dice into the shearing layers of ‘Structure, Skin and Services’ & ‘Space and Stuff’

11th International Hemp Building Symposium

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De voornaamste focus ligt op innovaties van bouwen met hennep. Het evenement heeft als doel een uniek platform te bieden voor gelijkgestemde professionals en enthousiastelingen om samen te komen en kennis, ervaringen en ideeën uit te wisselen.

RE.THINK BUILDING 2023 conference

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30th June 2023 | 11 am – 16 pm CEST | Event-centre Moll pro clima, Schwetzingen.

Using circular and regional building materials for resilient and transparent supply chains

Natureplus News Healthy Buildings 2020

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European Event Series ‘Healthy Buildings, Healthy People’ with at least four web seminars in four different countries. Under the title “natureplus Europe – Healthy Buildings 2020”, natureplus and its international representatives organized an Europe-wide series of web seminars with building … Vervolgd

Web Seminar ‘Bio-based Materials for Healthy Buildings’ – Natureplus

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Web Seminar on 26th oktober 16:00 CET: ‘Bio-based Materials for Healthy Buildings’ by Agrodome
Presentation of bio-based ecological materials by Halbe Vlietstra, senior advisor at Oldenboom. He explains the positive effects on Indoor Air Quality and shows how to apply it on the building site. Oldenboom is a supplier of building products. In their product range, they put a strong focus on bio-based, healthy and certified building materials.

Healthy Buildings events by Natureplus

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Invitation to the event series “natureplus Europe – Healthy Buildings 2020”
From 19 to 29 October 2020 online or in-person all over Europe.

Join natureplus and its European partners for ‘natureplus Europe – Healthy Buildings 2020’, a series of web-seminars, site visits and exhibitions taking place online and in-person from 19 to 29 October 2020. The ‘Healthy Buildings, Healthy People’ series provides an opportunity to hear from and network with building professionals, leading academics, and material experts from across Europe.