ASBPs 5th Healthy Buildings Conference 2021

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woensdag 24 - donderdag 25 februari 

van 10:00 tot 16:30

ASBPs 5th Healthy Buildings Conference 2021 will take place online from 24th-25th February with a number of inspirational speakers and technical sessions.


We need a paradigm shift in how we characterise a good performing building, focusing on the need to put human health at the heart of metrics rather than as an after-thought? Measure people, not just the building! The ASBP Healthy Buildings Conference returns for a 5th year, taking place online on 24th February (10:00-12:45) with a number of inspirational speakers and technical sessions. Plus, the finals of the ASBP Innovation Pitch Series (24th Feb, 15:00-16:30) and ASBP Awards 2021 (25th Feb, 15:00-16:30).

More information and link to booking: healthybuildings2021 

Some sessions are free to attent. 


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Session 1: 10:00-11:15

Keynote speaker – Catherine Noakes OBE(Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings, University of Leeds)
SAGE: Throughout the pandemic, Professor Noakes has convened and chaired the Environment and Modelling Group (EMG), a cross-disciplinary SAGE sub group comprising engineers, architects, clinicians, modellers, microbiologists, behavioural scientists and public health specialists. It has provided advice across government on the understanding of the physical mechanisms for COVID-19 spread; the survival of the virus in the built environment; and how to assess the risks of exposure in the built environment, as well as suggesting mitigation strategies to keep workers safe.
Breathing City: Future Urban Ventilation Network: The aim of the Breathing City network is to define a new integrated health evidenced approach to urban building design and technology innovation for vulnerable groups, by understanding how airflows transport pollutants in indoor and urban environments.

Jeffery Smith (Air Quality Consultant, World Health Organisation (WHO))
World Health Organisation (WHO): Jeff is an air quality monitoring expert and clean energy advocate and a consultant with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland for air pollution and urban health projects with a focus on citizen science and community engagement. Jeff works with individuals, citizens groups, industry, and policymakers to help connect research and data for informed decisions and environmental responsibility. He believes that data visualization will allow us to make better choices to protect public health, increase productivity, and slow climate change.

Ben Channon(Director, Ekkist Advisory and WELL Mind Advisory)
Air quality, VOCs and the benefits of natural materials on both physical and mental health: Ben is an architect, author, TEDx speaker, WELL AP and mental health advocate, and is well known in the industry as a thought leader in designing for happiness and wellbeing. He researched the relationship between buildings and happiness which formed the basis of his first book: Happy by Design. Ben qualified as a WELL Accredited Professional in 2019, and in 2020 he joined the WELL Mind Advisory panel, using his expertise to raise the bar for healthy buildings worldwide. He is a Director at WELL and wellbeing consultancy Ekkist, working with clients and design teams to create healthier places.

Q&A Session 2: 11:30-12:45

Keynote speaker – Geraint Davies MP(Labour MP for Swansea West; Chair of the APPG on Air Pollution)
Clean Air Bill: Several cities in the UK have exceeded air pollution limits set by the World Health Organisation, including Swansea. With support from academics and experts in Swansea, as well as MPs across the House, Geraint has introduced a Clean Air Bill. The Bill sets out a blueprint for a new air quality strategy to tackle the massive public health risk that air pollution represents.

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah(Co-Founder of the Ella Roberta Family Foundation)
The Ella Roberta Family Foundation: The Ella Roberta Family Foundation was set up in Ella’s memory as a way of learning lessons from her sudden death due to very severe and rare asthma. In the UK, asthma is the number one childhood illness and the foundation continues to raise awareness of the dangers of this debilitating illness.  Currently in the UK three people die from asthma everyday and at least two of those deaths are avoidable. In London the picture is increasingly worrying not only does the capital record high levels of air pollution but 872 schools are in areas which breach the EU recommended levels.

Jack Harvie-Clark(Managing Director, Apex Acoustics)
Acoustics for Supportive and Healthy Buildings: Regenerative building design represents a paradigm shift from current sustainability practices towards a new design approach, as it focuses not only on limiting negative impacts but also on promoting a positive contribution to social and ecological systems. Regenerative design and indoor soundscape research share a multidisciplinary approach and the common aim of improving people’s ́health and well-being.

Q&A Free Session: 15:00 – 16:30

ASBP Innovation Pitch Series Final

Finalists presentations, audience vote and judges’ winner announcement

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