Web Seminar ‘Bio-based Materials for Healthy Buildings’ – Natureplus

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maandag 26 oktober 

van 16.00 tot 17.00

Natureplus Europe - Healthy Buildings 2020


With the title "natureplus Europe - Healthy Buildings 2020", we will discuss sustainable construction, healthy buildings and materials together with our European partners at primarily.

English-language online events from 19th to 29th of October 2020.

From the Netherlands we offer a Web Seminar on Monday, 26 October, 16:00 – 17:00 CET | Event promoter: Agrodome

Information about the whole programme is available on our website and on the homepage of Natureplus (www.natureplus.org)

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Web Seminar on 26th oktober 16:00 CET:

Bio-based Materials for Healthy Buildings

Presentation of bio-based ecological materials by Halbe Vlietstra, senior advisor at Oldenboom. He explains the positive effects on Indoor Air Quality and shows how to apply it on the building site. Oldenboom is a supplier of building products. In their product range, they put a strong focus on bio-based, healthy and certified building materials.

Program 'Bio-based Materials for Healthy Buildings' by Agrodome

16.00 Introduction natureplus and healthy building, by Sissy Verspeek Agrodome
16.15 Bio-based materials and health, by Halbe Vlietstra, Oldenboom
16.45 Discussion
17.00 end
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