ASBP webinar series: An introduction to #EPD (3)

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donderdag 28 mei 

Join us on Thursday 28th May, 13:00-14:30 for an introductory webinar on Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

Webinar: An introduction to Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

ASBP logoDate: May 28th 2020
Time: 13:00-14:30

This event is the third in a webinar series with other sessions on Life Cycle Analysis tools/datasets (14th May) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) (28th May).


  • Welcome from the webinar chair
    Jane Anderson, ASBP board member and Director, ConstructionLCA
  • What is an EPD and why should you use them?
    Pat Hermon, Technical Lead, BRE
  • How many EPD are there and where can you find them?
    Jane Anderson, ASBP board member and Director, ConstructionLCA
  • How can EPD be used – and with which tools/software?
    Christian Donath, EcoPlatform
  • Discussion

Price and registration

  • ASBP members – Free
  • Member of partner organisation (e.g. NaturePlus) – £7.50 +VAT
  • Non-member/General admittance – £15 +VAT

ASBP is vertegenwoordiger van Natureplus in UK zoals Stichting Agrodome dat is voor Nederland.

More information: Registration Embodied carbon building design tools

Twitter: ASBP (@asbp_uk)


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