Seminar: bio-based renovation solutions – Woonwijzerwinkel

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woensdag 20 oktober 

Featured from the natureplus programma: WoonWijzerWinkel

Woensdag 20 oktober, 15.00 – 17.30
Woonwijzerwinkel Limburg, Roda JC Ring, Kerkrade

The WoonWijzerWinkel is an exhibition and energy counter for advice on sustainable building.
On October 20, a nice addition will be made about bio-based renovation solutions.
There will also be a lecture on environmental and indoor climate benefits.

The presentation is in Dutch or English, depending on the guests. 

Registration for WoonWijzerWinkel

If you are unable to come because you or you're colleague might have a cold or Covid-19 we accept you're absence of course. Please let us know before we start. If you or you're colleague do not show up, without a message the Stichting Agrodome may charge the costs for this event of € 30,-.

Natureplus complete program in Europe 

12 - 22 oktober, online and on-site events

“How to Build Climate Protection – Sustainable Materials and Carbon Sequestration”

Read more on the website of natureplus

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