Project: Development of 4 sustainable houses & used materials

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trapgat vloer met bamboe en hout dakgoot
stairs and construction 1th floor
bamboe floor and wood for decoration
roof rack of wood


Development of 4 sustainable houses

To bring the concept of sustainable building on a higher level a number of local Wageningen institutions and entrepreneurs, including the municipality, De Woningstichting – the foundation for social housing – and WageningenUR have taken the initiative to realize a number of experimental houses, which will be constructed as much as possible of renewable building products. Renowned architects in the sustainable building have designed the project.

The project is – in contrast to other preceding projects on sustainable or ecological building – not primarily focused on energy saving or recycling and reuse of building materials, but the emphasis will be on the use of renewable raw materials and reduction of primary resources (mineral and petrochemical products).

The required innovation and product development is combined with demonstration of sustainable technologies for the building sector, which will prove existing and innovative renewable materials as equivalent building products.

The project investigates various renewable resources (vegetable and animal fibers, silica-ash, lignin, oils and fats, proteins, etc.) with potential utilization in building applications. This requires innovation in production processes at supplying companies for the building industry, but also detailed study of the suitability of products in the (Dutch) building practice.

The project aims to address influences of material use on health aspects and indoor microclimate regulation and to integrate the experience in the ‘science of building biology’.


Building materials and indoor climate

Most of the recent innovations in building industries are inspired by environmental legislation. Improvement of the ecological performance of building materials is focusing especially on the reduction of energy consumption during the production phase or exploration of the recycling and reuses possibilities of building materials.

Material Use materials/construction



Organic foam concrete


  • Layer Foam concrete 500 mm;
  • Layer concrete 80 mm;
  • Layer Foam concrete 300 mm.
End floor Anhydrite
Walls and construction Wooden Frame Construction outside walls (In-Outside):

  •  Loam paint;
  • Gypsum board12 mm.;
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB) 11 mm.;
  • Wooden frame 46x 146 mm h.o.h. 610 mm.;
  • Flax wool in wooden frame 145 mm.;
  • Pavatex  60 mm.;
  • Outside cover larch wood and
    plaster from shells;
  • Plinth outside height 700 mm cempanel.House separating walls not connected
    Wooden frames 45×90, h.o.h. 610 mm
Insulation walls


  • In outside walls: 145 mm dik
  • In inside walls: 90 mm
  • In house separating walls: 2 x 90 mm
Insulation Roof Pavatherm


First floor Wood (fir)

With extra sound insulation

Construction First Floor:

  • Wooden beams 71 x 196 mm.;
  • Wooden planks 22 mm dik;
  • Kraft paper;
  • Pavapor 2 x 20 mm.;
  • Pavatherm NK 40 mm.;
  • Wooden planks 18 mm dik.
Roof with slope Wood, Fir (beams and laminated) Construction roof with slope:

  • Wooden planks 19 mm.;
  • Wooden lath 22 x 50 mm.;
  • Kraft paper;
  • Wooden frame 71 x 171 mm h.o.h. 600 mm.;
  • Flax wool in frame;
  • Roof boards Pavatherm isolair L 52 mm.;
  • Roof outside;
    ·         Shingles (larch) street side,
    ·         Hertalan EPDM and vegetation sedum with
    80 mm growth medium, garden side


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